Betsy Brody

As the child of immigrants and a long-time resident of North Texas, Betsy Brody has spent her life observing the courage, resilience, and grit of immigrants as they make their lives in a new place. Her research combines a scholarly interest in the factors that affect the integration of immigrant groups and a lifelong fascination with the stories of immigrants. She is particularly interested in the variables that shape the integration process.

Byrd Williams

Byrd Williams IV was born into a family of Texas photographers. Like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, his photographs reflect his observations and understanding of the world. While working as an artist with work in museums both in the United States and abroad, Williams also writes, teaches, and is working on a 300,000-image archive of his family’s art, cameras, and letters at University of North Texas. His life and work were the topic of the Mark Birnbaum documentary, “Proof” as well as his own 2016 book by the same name.

Alexa Kattampally

A lifelong learner and recent graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas, Alexa Kattampally has been working in the technology industry for almost 2 years now. With a degree in Information Technology and Systems, Alexa is passionate about making making meaningful contributions to the industry and has assisted in the creation of the "Becoming Texans Becoming Americans" website by making use of her skills in web development and technology. Her other interests include animals, creative hobbies, and Asian culture.

Ben Eppich

Ben Eppich served as a Research Assistant on the "Becoming Texans, Becoming Americans" Oral History project. Ben analyzed, tagged, and indexed interviews using the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer and also wrote stories for the project.